Save This Date: November 19, 2022

Craft Vendor Sale
Saturday, November 19, 2022
9AM to 2PM

Use “Contact Us” to reserve your space, to ask questions for more information.

We Are Back!

PUP events will begin again on Saturday, September 11th.

The event will be at Blue Ridge Community Farm.

Come out at 4PM to meet the Farm’s friendly animals.

A Potluck supper will be served at 5PM.

The Square Dance with, live caller, is at 6PM.

Join us for all the fun on Saturday, September 11th.

Detailed information will be provided by this website and email.

PUP Event: Valentine’s Dance

Daytona Night was a huge success. The January 10th event saw participants racing radio controlled cars on three separate tracks.

The February event is a Valentine Dance. Come out, enjoy the music, dancing and snacks.

Details are on the attached event flyer.

Add the 2020 events dates to your calendars, planners and phones. The events dates are located in the “Calendar Tab”. Don’t miss a single PUP event!

Leap Year!

Leap year! For such a short month February has packed a lot into its 29 days this year. Two events jump out because they go hand in hand- American Heart Month and Valentines Day. Whomever you choose to share your heart with, remember to include those heart healthy treats to let your sweetie know you want them around for years to come. Black History is celebrated this month. Take time to read authors who have written so beautifully about the struggles and accomplishments, the day to day life and the ambitions that have led to inventions and honors. If you’re in the mood for weird and wacky throw a Mardi Gras party. Local grocery stores generally have King cakes available and everyone enjoys the beads and boas.

A couple more unique dates in February:
9th-Stop Bullying campaign begins 11th- Make a friend day 17th- Shrove Tuesday ( pancake day!) Don’t forget to watch for the groundhog, cheer for your favorite Super Bowl team, and celebrate the memory of Abraham Lincoln. We are an amazing country full of unique and amazing people. February represents just a few of these. Take the time to pay homage to our rich history.

A couple of ideas for fun art projects this month. The paint department of the big box stores offer a great idea for bookmarks. Those paint color strips and a heart shaped hole punch make great Valentine gifts. The paint strips are generally free, but if you plan on taking multiples just ask- they will dip into their supply closet for you.

Contact paper- sticky side up is a wonderful background for creating a free form picture. Use yarn, foam pieces, toothpicks, craft sticks, cotton balls, scraps of paper and fabric. Everything can be repositioned and strips of paper can be used to look like a frame around the edge.

One last idea: pre-cut heart shaped pieces of wax paper- different sizes- make a crease down the center. Using a cheese grater, shred crayons. Sprinkle the shredded pieces on the inside of the wax heart. Fold along the crease, place in between pieces of newspaper ( it absorbs the oil from the crayons) and heat with a warm iron. The result is a delicate sun catcher or, strung together, a pretty garland.

May the groundhog predict Spring, may your favorite team win, may you make a new friend and above all- bless your heart ❤️

January Reporter: Happy New Years

Welcome  New Year 2020!  Take a moment to look at the dates shown on the “Calendar Tab”.

Add the dates to your calendar, planner or phone.  Don’t miss a single PUP Event this year!

Part of PUP’s mission is to provide helpful information pertaining to special needs individuals.

We will occasionally invite a guest editor.  Ryan LaCosse, the new Area Director for Best Buddies, is this month’s guest editor.

October Reporter

Thanks to all of you that came out to Blue Ridge Farm for our annual Square Dance and Potluck.  A huge crowd visited the Farm’s animals, ate loads of good food and square danced outside.

This month PUP will have a Halloween Party on October 11.  See the attached event flyer.

Join us for an evening of fun for dancing with the DJ, Scary Joe sandwiches and Trick or Treating.

Next month is the Craft and Vendor Sale.  Save the date: November 16 from 9 to 3.

Fabulous Fall

Fabulous Fall- Welcome Y’all !

Is there a more perfect month of the year? Beautiful Fall colors, sweater weather, football, camp fires, apple cider, pumpkin everything, and so any days worthy of celebration.

Farmers and their animals, police and firemen, world wide teachers- let’s just call our theme this month Community Helpers.

Oct 2-12th is our time to explore all things farm.  From the “work animals” that used to plow the fields, to the animals who provide the income, meat, dairy,  hides and wool.   Farmers bring their work to our tables  everyday whether it’s food grown in the ground or animals raised for food.  Take the time to follow the footsteps a farmer takes from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year.  And remember when you give thanks for your meal, give thanks for the farmers who brought it to us as well.

World Teacher’s day is Oct 5.  Just take a few minutes to think about/talk about this amazing profession- not just locally, not just nationally, but around the world. Remember that whatever you are doing to educate young people, there are millions of teachers and instructors doing the exact same thing everywhere.  Special needs is not unique to our country.  Somewhere there is a staff in the basement of a church in another country experiencing the exact same struggles and joys you know.  Belouga is a global network for connecting classrooms and teachers. Bring the world into your little corner.

Next up this month is Fire Prevention and Adopt a Cop.  As educators we practice fire drills and teach our students to recognize police by uniform/cars.  Take the time this month to inspect your classroom and storage areas (and your homes) for potential fire hazards. Firemen and police love to visit classrooms and you can facilitate a mock drill to help them better understand the needs of your students in an emergency.
Invite a Community Helper to lunch, to sit and draw with your students, to read a book with your class.  Your turn to educate them about your students.

Yes, yes- Columbus Day and Sweetest Day and Halloween are all October celebrations.
So, let’s celebrate chocolate!   Columbus brought spices from other parts of the world, including cocoa, that eventually became part of the delicious sweet chocolate treats that we offer to our sweetie on Sweetest Day, and that have become the reward for hours of decoration and costume planning
for Fall’s favorite fun day- Halloween ?.
Lose yourself in the childlike excitement of all things Fall- and stock up on chocolate when no one looks twice at you for having a cart full!!

September Reporter: August Carnival and Future Events

Thanks to all who attended the August Carnival event. There were many games and activities including face painting, a balloon man and fishing.

Some Super Heroes made a special appearance. Walking tacos and nachos were served.

Big news for the September event at Blue Ridge Farm. The date is SATURDAY, September 14th from 4 to 7 PM. Come out and visit the animals at 4 PM.

Save the Date: PUP Craft/Vendor Sale is Saturday, November 16. Lots of crafters and vendors will be there.

Food is available.

Reporter: Christmas Party

People with Unlimited Potential held their annual Christmas Party

on December 14 at Living Waters Church in Peoria, Illinois.

Cookies and snacks were served.  Santa also made a guest appearance.

Each person present had a picture taken with Santa.  Katie Fitch, music therapist, played her guitar and led singing Christmas songs and carols.

Join PUP next month on January 11 at 6 PM for a “Hip Hop Sock Hop”.

Mark your calendar today!  There is no charge for PUP Events.

Craft and Vendor Sale

Come on out to the PUP Craft and Vendor Sale on Saturday, November 17th.

Come on out and check a great variety of crafters and vendors. Do some shopping

for yourself and your family and support PUP. There are only 55 shopping days until Christmas!

Enjoy a light breakfast or have lunch.


Craft and Vendor Sale

News and Events

PUP celebrated the arrival of Fall by having a Potluck and Square Dance at Blue Ridge Farm, West of Chillicothe on September 14th.  One hundred eighty people joined us.  Grilled hot dogs were the main event along with lots of side dishes.

The evening was topped off with a lively Square Dance.

The next PUP event is a Halloween Party on on October 12th.  Scary slopy joes, monster donuts and drinks will be served.  Join us for music, Witches Brew and Trick or Treating.

Please bring a bag of your favorite treat to share.  Costumes are optional.

SAVE the DATE- Craft and Vendor Sale on November 17 from 9am to 3pm at Living Waters Church in Peoria.  Breakfast and lunch will be served.

Come on out and support individuals with special needs.

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The News tab has monthly news of activities and helpful information about topics pertaining to special needs individuals.

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The Resource tab will be a comprehensive listing of resources and services available to special needs individuals in the Central Illinois area, and beyond.

Be sure to visit our Craft and Vendor Sale on November 19th from 9:00 to 2:00. Check our Calendar for further details. Pancakes and sausage will be served.