Leap Year!

Leap year! For such a short month February has packed a lot into its 29 days this year. Two events jump out because they go hand in hand- American Heart Month and Valentines Day. Whomever you choose to share your heart with, remember to include those heart healthy treats to let your sweetie know you want them around for years to come. Black History is celebrated this month. Take time to read authors who have written so beautifully about the struggles and accomplishments, the day to day life and the ambitions that have led to inventions and honors. If you’re in the mood for weird and wacky throw a Mardi Gras party. Local grocery stores generally have King cakes available and everyone enjoys the beads and boas.

A couple more unique dates in February:
9th-Stop Bullying campaign begins 11th- Make a friend day 17th- Shrove Tuesday ( pancake day!) Don’t forget to watch for the groundhog, cheer for your favorite Super Bowl team, and celebrate the memory of Abraham Lincoln. We are an amazing country full of unique and amazing people. February represents just a few of these. Take the time to pay homage to our rich history.

A couple of ideas for fun art projects this month. The paint department of the big box stores offer a great idea for bookmarks. Those paint color strips and a heart shaped hole punch make great Valentine gifts. The paint strips are generally free, but if you plan on taking multiples just ask- they will dip into their supply closet for you.

Contact paper- sticky side up is a wonderful background for creating a free form picture. Use yarn, foam pieces, toothpicks, craft sticks, cotton balls, scraps of paper and fabric. Everything can be repositioned and strips of paper can be used to look like a frame around the edge.

One last idea: pre-cut heart shaped pieces of wax paper- different sizes- make a crease down the center. Using a cheese grater, shred crayons. Sprinkle the shredded pieces on the inside of the wax heart. Fold along the crease, place in between pieces of newspaper ( it absorbs the oil from the crayons) and heat with a warm iron. The result is a delicate sun catcher or, strung together, a pretty garland.

May the groundhog predict Spring, may your favorite team win, may you make a new friend and above all- bless your heart ❤️